Pet Products

At Hi Tech Foam, being a pet means being a part of the family. We custom make pet friendly products to help your four legged animal family members feel right at home.

Pet products include doggy mattresses and pet steps. Pet steps are a must for smaller breed dogs that are prone to hip dysplasia and back problems; the steps enable these dogs to walk up and down onto beds, couches and other high surfaces without requiring them to jump.

We customize all pet products to the customer’s needs and specifications (size, foam, and covering)


raz and zinny beach


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  1. Renata

    Good Day

    Please quote me on a large dog bed with memory foam below and gel infused foam ontop
    Measurement roughly Large: 115cm Length; 86cm Wide
    Not sure what thickness it will be but think the gel is 2.5cm and the memory foam is 7cm

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