Foam to your Specification

Foam Sheets

Our highly trained staff can slice our Foam Sheets into any thickness required, that’s anything from 6mm.

Foam Cut to Size

We at Hi-Tech Foam can gladly assist you to cut foam to your specific dimensions, including profile and or contour shapes and wedges. As this is the easiest way to buy foam, as you do not need to cut it we do it all for you.
We just need a template of what is needed and we at Hi-Tech Foam can bring your Foam Ideas to life. We use vertical band saws for cutting and shaping the majority of your requirements. We can also cut more intense and smaller pieces by means of contour cutting and a clicking press.
Minimum quantities may apply in some instances.

Full Foam Blocks

Full Foam and Chip blocks can be bought from us, this is off coarse your cheapest way to buy foam, but you need to ensure that you have the right cutting equipment to cut it yourself.

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  1. André

    Good day….

    Inquiry on “Foam cut to Size”

    Could you possibly produce a doughnut shaped piece of foam? I am suggesting a bolster with a whole in the middle sliced into specific sizes. This would be used for a water feeder where the foam will fit around a cap of a bottle attached to a larger plate. This will absorb the water to prevent spillage when transporting.

    Please could you also specify the suggested foam to use for maximum absorption and your minimum order amount.

    Please would you get back to me on this.


  2. Archibold Buah-Kwofie

    I am looking for a specific polyutherane foam (PUF) product and wanted to know if you could produce it. It is specifically for research so the dimensions and density are important. Below is the details of what I require:

    Filters made of white, non-coloured polyurethane foam (PUF) with density 0.030 g/cm-3 (type N 3038; producer Gumotex Breclav, Czech Republic) are used as a sorbent for passive sampling of POPs. Filters are at circular shape, thickness a 15 mm and diameter a 150 mm.

    Can you kindly let me know if you have the specific type of foam highlighted above or something close to that.

    Can you also give me an idea in terms of quote how much it would cost me to get about 20 to 50 pieces of the dimensions above.

    Best regards

  3. Derek Perryman

    Hi there, I am looking for two pieces of rectangular foam. The first piece is straight forward in so far as it should measure 435mm x 300mm x 20mm thick. The second piece is also 435mm x 300mm x 80mm thick, but would it be possible to punch 150 holes, 15mm in diameter through this piece? (15 x 10) Please let me know as I require this fairly urgent for travel purposes.

    Kind Regards


  4. MEGAN

    Hi there, I am urgently looking for a sponge cut to size 2m(length) x 600 (width) and ±100mm thick. Please let me know if this is possible to be done by latest Thursday morning?

  5. Carol Paetzold

    I require sponge for a lounge suite base cushions that doesn’t loose its shape.
    There are 2 cushions of 20cm x 78cm x 90cm. Please advise a price please

  6. Danie Bezuidenhout

    good day

    I am looking to order a leisure mattress and a King size eggshell. It would appear your landlines are down
    if someone can give me a call on 0760215780

  7. Jeanne

    Hi. I’m looking for a foam block that is of high density self-healing foam about 600 x 600 to use as an archery target butt.

    Please let me know if I can get something like that from you.


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