Hi Tech Foam Range

Quick Hi Tech Foam Range Guide

Photo Code Colour Low – High Density Recommended Uses
HLW White Low 11 -13Soft Feel Mattress Toppers, Budget density Mattresses, packaging, padding
HP(B,P,Y,G,L) Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Lilac Med 16 – 18Soft to Medium Feel Economy Mattresses, Bolsters, Furniture Backs for upholstery, Arm rest, Top laminations to hard base, Baby products
HB(Y,B) Bright Yellow and Blue Med 16 -18Soft to Medium Feel Used mainly for padding, sponges, bolsters. Can be used for arm rest or back rest but not always advised. Also ideal for lamination toppers if a bonded Chipfoam is used for a base. Used for economy mattress fillers
HRU RU Bright Yellow Med – High
20 -23Medium to Hard Feel
Ideal for arm rest, backs or some cases can be used for Furniture seats. In Mattresses for longer lasting quality. Cleaning Products
HM(G/B) Grey or Blue Med – High
20 -23Soft or Hard Feel
High Density Mattresses, Furniture Upholstery Seats
HH(Y/C) Pale Yellow and Pale Chocolate High 23Soft or Hard Feel High Density Mattresses, Furniture Upholstery Seats, Pillow Tops, Pet Products
HHO Olive Green High 26Soft or Hard Feel For all your High Density requirements and specifications, Furniture
HH(G/P) Pink and Soft Green High 30Soft or Hard Feel For all your High Density Requirements and specifications, Furniture, Mattress Toppers

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  1. G H lotz

    I need a 10mm thick soft sponge to replace the padding on my domestic steam press. It must be able to withstand high and steam Ironing temperatures. Do you have a suitable material for this?

  2. marius gouws

    I would like to know if you supply high density foam. I am looking for 30+. I need sheets 5 to 15 mm thick. Size of 200 by 1000mm. If you have sheets bigger than this, I do not mind cutting it myself to size.

  3. Juane


    I need a piece of medium-high density foam –HM(G/B) and/or HH(Y/C) Pale Yellow – 1m x 2.4m.

    Could you provide a cost, and where you are to collect, do you ship/deliver?


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